New tab's URL issue


If I install any extension which can change the new tab’s URL.
When I input new URL in the address bar, it can’t display new URL.
I have to click the address bar to renew it.

I use this extension:

(Other extensions can also cause it.)


  1. Open a new tab
  2. Input “
  3. Press [Enter]



Kinza 5.1.1 (32 位元)
作業系統 Windows 10.0.17134
JavaScript V8


Dear bestpika!

Thank you for reaching us!

I’m afraid I cannot tell you how to customize your new tab page.
I only tell you that you can customize your new tab page.

New tab page is one of the source of our revenue.
From the revenue, we can develop Kinza.

I hope you will understand this.

Kinza Dev Team.
Staff H