Mouse gesture

After the mouse gesture “Close All Tabs” is executed, one tab will stay, not all tabs will be closed.

Dear pipashu;

Thank you for your report.

This is not a bug.
When you do “Close all tabs”, Kinza closes all tabs except the leftmost one.
We used to think that this behavior was appropriate.

However, I don’t think this behavior is correct at the moment.
In the near future, we will fix it so that when all tabs are closed, the window is closed.

Thank you for the report.

Kinza Staff N

Dear pipashu;

Kinza 6.4.0, released,
This action ‘close all tabs’ has been changed to close the window to match the name.
Could you try a new Kinza?

Thank you so much for the report!

Kinza Staff N

Thank you for your work. I am sorry that my expression is not clear enough. I mean, can I leave a new tab without closing the window?

I think he means to close all tabs including the leftmost one and replace it with a new tab page. The browser window should not be closed.