H264 acc broken

H.264 hardware acceleration broken
system: Win7 SP1
version: Kinza 6.2.x~6.4.x (older versions not tested)
step to reproduce: drag a native video file (H.264 encoding) into Kinza and check CPU and GPU usage.
expected result:High GPU usage and low CPU usage, like Chrome Opera etc.
actual result:High CPU usage and low GPU usage.

Note that Youtube uses vp9 encoding which can be accelerated via Kinza. For those H.264 video sites, Kinza consumes a lot of CPU resource.

Dear intro;

Thank you very much for the report.
And I am really sorry I was unable to get back to you sooner.

We have found the bug you told us.
We are currently working to fix it and the fixed version of kinza is released soon!

Best regards!

Kinza Staff N