Front is too small

Language: Chinese (Traditional)

Front size in 6.4.3 is good
but it is too small in up to date version (6.5.2)

both versions use the same setting
please see attached files

please help, thanks

both sidebar, Tab bar and content of webs
all of them are too small in 6.5.2

this is too small (6.5.2)

this is normal (6.4.3)

Dear haomin;

Thank you for the report.
We have confirmed that the phenomenon you reported can be reproduced here as well.
However, since the same phenomenon was observed in Google Chrome/Chromium, it is likely to be a glitch in Chromium.
Please wait for a fix on the Chromium side.
If the fix on the Chromium side is too slow, we will try to fix it ourselves.

Best regards,

Kinza staff S